This "color wheel" arrangement is a compact and visual way to represent a whole range of colors. I was reminded of the named/web colors by a recent Hacker News comment thread, and thought again of arranging them into a color wheel.

So here it is: a color wheel, with only "web colors" on it. Each color is placed on the wheel, then grown to a polygon to fill the wheel with a Voronoi diagram.

Hover colors to see their name (plus extra preview color swatch and hex code). Click one to "lock" it. The idea is when picking colors for a design, choose visually here from these few (139 distinct) colors, rather than trying to choose from the millions that are actually available. And you can refer to them by name in your CSS!

The arrangement of the wheel has been tweaked from a pure HSV interpretation, to make sure all names have a distinct location. List of colors from Mozilla documentation.